The HNV-Link Project

HNV-Link creates a community of practice and knowledge throughout the European Union

HNV-Link creates a community of practice and knowledge by linking 10 areas throughout the European Union where HNV farming systems are prevalent. These “learning areas” are used to evaluate innovation examples and gaps relevant to HNV systems. Innovation types include technical, commercial, social, institutional, and of policy.

The project identifies what works in specific places and what methods would also be applicable in other areas or contexts. Among the major outputs and activities for 2016-2019:

  • inventory of grassroots innovations in each learning area
  • an “Innovation Fair” to foster peer learning
  • a set of educational materials to expose educators and students in agricultural studies, rural development and conservation alike to HNV concepts, challenges and opportunities
  • an interactive Atlas of Innovations feasible within HNV farming areas
  • research papers and presentations

As a networking project, HNV-Link welcomes all parties interested in cooperation, especially in the Learning Area regions. For the time being, please subscribe to our news.

  • Video - High Nature Value farmland in The Burren of Ireland

    The video explains the concept of High Nature Value farming using with The Burren in Ireland as an example, the role of farmers in sustaining biodiversity, innovations developed to support farmers, HNV-Link project activities across Europe and an HNV vision for the future. (October 2018)

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