Regional Meetings

Regional meetings in all Learning Areas are events of particular importance: this is where the results of the innovation work across the whole project are presented to the key actors in the 10 project regions. Which of these many innovations will spark interest and serve as inspiration?

Regional Meetings in all of the Learning Areas had three objectives. Firstly, the Regional Meetings provided venue for sharing and exchanging the HNV Vision at the national and regional levels. The HNV Vision was established through the Baseline Assessments and through the innovations collected throughout the Learning Areas. Secondly, and building on the HNV Vision, the Regional Meetings aimed for triggering reflection on how to adapt innovations working elsewhere to the regional context, and to make the, work as pathways to pursue the economic viability of HNV farming and maintain natural values. The Regional Meetings were designed to consider local context, as well as both reasons for success and factors contributing to failure. Each Learning Area therefore designed their Regional Meeting in a way that best fit their local context. Thirdly, the Regional Meetings served for fostering innovation brokering and networking, including through reaching regional and national AKIS (Agricultural knowledge and Information Systems) actors. The meetings also played an influential role in the local dissemination process on HNV farming issues: they exposed hundreds of people to HNV-Link findings in each Learning Area.

Dartmoor (United Kingdom) February 15, 2019

Eastern Hills of Cluj (Romania): April 19- April 22, 2018 (in conjunction with Forum Agraria 2018)

Dalsland (Sweden): November 30, 2018

Western Stara Planina region (Bulgaria): November 9, 2018

Sítio de Monfurado (Portugal): November 30, 2018

Thessalia (Greece): December 9, 2018

The Burren (Ireland): October 25-28, 2018 (in conjunction with Burren Winterage)

Dalmatian Islands (Croatia): May 11-12, 2018

Causses & Cévennes (France): July 26, 2018

La Vera, Extremadura (Spain): April 18-19, 2018 (in conjunction with Territorios Pastoreados 3)