Policy and Research Outputs

Academic output

Articles in international scientific journals with referee practice and book chapters

  • Anthopoulou T., Goussios D., 2018. Chapter 8: Re-embedding Greek Feta in localities, Cooperation of small dairies as a territorial development strategy. In: Kalfagianni A. & Skordili S. (Eds), 2018. Localizing Global Food Short Food Supply Chains as Responses to Agri-Food System Challenges. Series: Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment, 200 p. ISBN 9781138327368 www.taylorfrancis.com/books/e/9780429830228/chapters/10.4324/9780429449284-10
  • Guimarães M.H., Esgalhado C., Ferraz-de-Oliveira M.I., Pinto-Correia M.T. 2019. How Long Does it Take to Make Innovation become custom? The Montado Case Study. Open Agriculture. Accepted subject to minor revision.
  • Lomba, A., Moreira, F., Klimek, S, et al. 2019. Back to the future: rethinking social-ecological systems underlying high nature value farmlands. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Submitted to Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment FEE18-0282. Accepted subject to minor revision.
  • Mäkeläinen S., Harlio A., Heikkinen R.K., et al. 2019. Coincidence of High Nature Value farmlands with bird and butterfly Diversity. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 269 224–233. doi.org/10.1016/j.agee.2018.09.030

Articles in international scientific conference proceedings with referee practice

  • Poux X., Bernard-Mongin C., Dumitras Det al. 2018. What is the relevant approach for engaging territorial actors in a HNV innovation project? A strategic perspective – findings from HNV-Link H2020 Thematic Network. Presented by Xavier Poux (AScA) at the SISA International Workshop (6-8/11/2018, Riga) docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/aad70a_8b4d95ac4d7a4df6958fe965abfa4f0d.pdf

Presentations at conferences with no peer-review practice

  • Beaufoy G., 2017. High Nature Value extensive livestock and grasslands: can innovation secure a sustainable future? Proceedings, 19th Symposium of the European Grassland Federation, Grassland resources for extensive farming systems in marginal lands: major drivers and future scenarios, Alghero, Italy, 7-10 May 2017. www.cabdirect.org/cabdirect/abstract/20173250657
  • Dunford, B. “Growing a ‘Locally Led’ Agri-Environment Programme”. 116th EAAE Seminar on Sustainability in the Agri-Food sector. NUI Galway co-organised event 30-31 August 2018. Keynote Talk. www.conference.ie/Conferences/index.asp?Conference=552
  • Dunford, B. “Sustaining a community and their place: a story from the Burren region, Ireland”. The Annual Global Forum Conference of the agri-benchmark Beef and Sheep Network. Galway, Ireland 18 June 2018 www.teagasc.ie/news--events/news/2018/agri-benchmark-beefsheep.php.
  • Burren Programme, HNV Field Trip: Walk in the Burren LA looking at farming and HNV grassland. European Grassland Conference, Ireland 17-21 June 2018. www.egf2018.com
  • Herzon, I., Beaufoy, G., 2017. In Hands of Farmers and Society: Fate of the Semi-Natural Grasslands in the Boreal Region. Keynote lecture. 14th Eurasian Grassland Conference 2017. 8 July 2017, Riga, Latvia.
  • Jitea I.M. and Dumitras D.E, 2016. High Nature Value farming and the Common Agriculture Policy. The Romanian case. Book of abstracts, 15th International Symposium “Prospects for the 3rd Millennium Agriculture” Cluj-Napoca. September 2016. www.usamvcluj.ro/simpo/Book%20of%20abstract%202016.pdf
  • Jitea I.M., Mihai C.V., Dumitras D.E., 2018. The Role Of Local Actors’ In Identifying The Needs For Sustainable HNV Farming In Dealurile Clujului Est. Book of abstracts, 17th International Symposium “Prospects for the 3rd Millennium Agriculture” Cluj-Napoca. September 2018.
  • Jitea I.M., Mihai C.V., Olar A., Dumitras D.E., 2017. A Questionnaire-Based Survey On The Knowledge About HNV Farming In Dealurile Cluj Est. Book of abstracts, 16th International Symposium “Prospects for the 3rd Millennium Agriculture” Cluj-Napoca. 28-29 September 2017
  • Kazakova-Mateva Y., 2018. Marketing innovations in high nature value farms. Experience from Western Stara planina, Bulgaria. Proceedings (to be published in 2019), International Conference “European Agriculture and Food Value Chain: Dynamics and Innovations”, organized by the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Bulgaria, 22-24 October 2018. isc2018.iae-bg.com
  • Mihai V.C., Dumitras D.E., Arion F.H., Muresan I.C., Jitea I.M., 2018. Assessing the efficiency of agri-environment schemes in several High Nature Value Romanian areas. Book of abstracts. 162nd EAAE Seminar, April 26-27, 2018, Budapest, Hungary. agecon.hu/events/
  • Mäkeläinen S, Harlio A, Heikkinen RK, Herzon I, Kuussaari M, Lepikkö K, Maier A, Seimola T, Tiainen J & Arponen A. 2017. High Nature Value farmland indicator in Finland and farmland bird and butterfly diversity. IALE 2017 European congress. 12-15 September 2017, Ghent, Belgium.

PhD and master theses

  • Keinänen M., 2019. Social and economic viability supporting environmental success of innovations in High Nature Value (HNV) farming systems. MSc. Thesis, University of Helsinki under the supervision of Dr. Irina Herzon, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Agricultural Sciences. In progress; due in May 2019.
  • Koivuranta R., 2018. Grassroots innovation in ecological management in Finnish agricultural areas. MSc Thesis, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Agricultural Sciences. helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/236021
  • Michalakis D., 2019, Rural development and transition from "management - payment payment schemes" to "result-based payment schemes". The case of Troodos, Cyprus. MSc Thesis, University of Thessaly, faculty of Planning and Regional Development, under the supervision of Pr Dimitris Goussios, Dr Dimitra Gaki and Dr Ioannis Faraslis (University of Thessaly).
  • Roglić M., 2019. Framing an alternative management approach to promote sustainable development: a case study of EU tools implementation in the Dalmatian Islands. PhD thesis, École Doctorale Économie et Gestion under the supervision of Dr Florence Palpacuer. In progress; due in November 2019.
  • Vedrenne M-L., 2017. Diagnostic Agraire dans la semi-montagne Est du Pinde Dèmes de Mouzaki et de Plastira, Thessalie Occidentale, Grèce. MSc Thesis, AgroParisTech and University of Thessaly under the supervision of Pr Aurélie Trouvé (AgroParisTech) and Pr Dimitris Goussios – Dr Dimitra Gaki (University of Thessaly).