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There are some challenges addressed by all innovations for HNV farmlands: to improve the economic viability of farming and social welfare in these areas, while fostering conservation and maintaining cultural heritage. Therefore, only innovations, which primarily and explicitly address such challenges are associated with such search words. Product search options are available only for innovations of Products and Markets type.

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List of innovations:

Country Innovation
Bulgaria RDP Natura 2000 measure for agriculural land
Bulgaria Linbul farm
Bulgaria Farmers association "Food from the mountain"
Bulgaria Mobile advisory team
Croatia Action plan for sustainable use of resources of Murter region
Croatia Multistakholder organizations fostering HNV products and practices
Croatia HNV farming as tourist activity
Croatia Dry stone walls: keystone for mosaic HNV
Croatia Nursery of indigenous species to foster HNV in LA "Anemona"
France Innovative regional procedures
France Recognition of the quality of products
France Diagnosis and advice for farmers Life+MilOuv project
France Development of direct distribution
France Governance of the UNESCO site Causses and Cevennes
France Eligibility of oak wood and chestnut pasture for CAP subsidies
France Collective approaches «Pasture Groups» and «Pasture land associations»
France Collective approaches by breeders: Slaughterhouses
Greece Terra Thessalia - flexible governance
Greece Participatory guarantee system
Greece Use of 3D mapping / GPS-tracking system
Ireland BurrenLIFE: Co-creating solutions to HNV farming and conservation challenges
Ireland The Burren Programme: A locally targeted "hybrid" agri-environmental scheme (AES)
Ireland Adoptiong a farmer-centered approach to AES design and delivery
Ireland Developing locally tailored livestock feeding and watering systems
Ireland Burrenbeo trust: building a nature conservation "culture" and community in the HNV landscape
Ireland Farming for Conservation Awards: celebrating the HNV farmer
Ireland Adding value to HNV farming
Portugal Healthy soil as the core of the Montado
Portugal Montado targeted hybrid Agri Environmental scheme
Portugal Independent projects - the case of Herdade do Freixo do Meio
Portugal Acorn as food for humans retro innovation
Portugal Mobile poultry
Romania Agro-environment measure to protect butterflies
Romania Integrated management plan
Romania Effect of traditional and modern agricultural practices on HNV grasslands
Romania Practical measures of nature conservation of HNV grassland
Romania PDO Telemeaua de Ibanesti
Spain Plan 42 integrated programme
Spain Quered cheese makers’ campaign
Spain Mosaico Participatory Project
Spain Finca Casablanca dehesa farm, grassfed meat and direct sales
Spain Pastando Garganta - a local HNV-Link project
Spain Farmers building dialogue
Sweden Facilitation of collaborative land use management (FOCLUM)
Sweden Facilitation of collaborative land use management, Land use plan (FOCLUM-LUP)
Sweden Facilitation of collaborative land use management, Techniques and entrepreneurship for HNV pasture restoration projects (FOCLUM-PRP)
Sweden Mobile abattoir
UK The Dartmoor Vision
UK Dartmoor Farming Futures
UK Fire Management Plans
UK TB Control Plan