Learning areas in HNV-Link


HNV-Link links ten areas where HNV farming systems are prevalent and where appropriate innovations have been made. These are the network’s so-called Learning Areas, which span a cross section of Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

A Learning Area is a multi-actor cluster of stakeholders such as farmers, professional associations, NGOs, local authorities, and education and applied research institutes. Each Learning Area has its own strengths (existing collaboration, successful project completion, innovative approaches to adding value to products). Yet, each Learning Area has also both shared and specific challenges of adapting to the changing socio-economic environment and rural development. The network’s mission is to create a “community of practice and knowledge”, in which innovation for HNV systems can be shared and furthered.

Each Learning Area includes one or more Natura 2000 habitats (that is, habitats of outstanding natural value protected by EU legislation), three of which encompass a National Park: Dartmoor (the UK), Mljiet (Croatia) and Causses & Cévennes (France) National Parks. Most have outstanding recreational values and are focus of rural and nature tourism.

Most of the network activities will happen either within the LAs or in a peer learning process among them. However, the outputs will be designed to bring value for diverse areas and actors outside the project.

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10 Learning areas